Why I Stopped Making Resolutions

Each new year it feels as if the world spams you with resolutions.

“I’m going to lose 30 pounds, drink more water, stress less, advance my business by 20%, date my spouse once a week, learn a second language, stop biting my nails, swear off alcohol and sugar…”

I’m not mocking, those were actual resolutions I made, and I failed those years. I think setting resolutions are great, but something I learned after reading the book, The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do In 12 Months by Brian P. Moran back in 2016, is that you have all year to achieve these goals, so while you start off strong and refreshed come the new year, you let your well intention-ed habits fade because “It’s only February”. You allow life to get in the way and use that as the same excuse you did every year before.

So my “resolutions” have been rethought and I set 12 week goals instead, which were set with my Business Partners mid-December to allow me ample time to put things into place and come up with a proper plan while closing out the following quarter and it’s habits.

Don’t get me wrong, I set a “resolution” each year, but it has transformed more into a phrase for the year because life happens and goals change.

2017 was “The Year Of No Excuses” and I saw MASSIVE growth in all areas of my life. I advanced my business giving myself a pay raise, quit my job, moved states, and got in the best shape of my life.

2018 was “Life in Balance” which was appropriately decided because with all my growth in 2017, I put many things on hold such as trips, I missed weddings of good friends, nights out, etc. I was LASER focused and while it was fruitful, I didn’t have a healthy balance in life and still came up feeling personally unfulfilled. So I said YES to everything I could. I didn’t make an excuse and I went on all the trips I could. It was a year of SO much happiness and personal growth. I re-discovered who I truly was and what made me happiest.

So now we are coming up to 2019. And I want to focus on the two. Each year brings me a new sense of growth, a new sense of purpose, and as I reviewed my year and what is set out for baby, personal, and business, I’ve decided this is the year of “Graceful Transition”. Now I’m not ready or allowed to share all that is happening this year, but I’m transitioning into motherhood, Dave and I are going to accomplish a major personal goal, and there are two big business goals that are going to occur. I’m scared. It’s a big year, but if I follow my 12 Week Year mentality and continue with my mantra of “Graceful Transition”, I know it will all work out in the right timing.

So cheers to you and 2019. Cheers to your goals. And I can’t wait to celebrate all the amazing things that happen in 365 days.


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