I first joined this team because I wanted a discount on the product. I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I would hide it through flowy shirts and sarcasm. Fall was always my favorite season because… Hello scarves and sweaters. I would shift my body in bathing suits and try to always make sure my cover-up was on or my arm would be able to hide my insecure cowering body.

And truthfully? I wanted to be that hot wife as vain as that sounds.

I sat and watched my coach for a while; her unwavering consistency, the results, all of her friends and their lavish trips, but most importantly her positivity.

I finally said, “People are seeing results, I should try it. What do I have to lose? If it doesn’t work for me, I can return it within 30 days and get my money back.” But deep down, I wanted it to work for me. And what I didn’t realize was I needed to change my mindset more than anything. I was searching for something; anything to save me from my insecurities.

So why did out of shape me really sign up to join this team? I was lonely, craving stability after moving so much in my lifetime, and I was searching for hope that the life I was living was not how life actually is. I quickly found ways to numb my emotions in an unhealthy way and constantly (still do) hid behind my sarcasm. My conversations circled around gossip and the “did you see who ‘so and so’ hooked up with?” or “No one is that happy, it’s just a show they must have something to prove.”

But when I joined this team, I was welcomed with open arms. Women were fighting to better themselves every day and encouraging other teammates to do the same. Negative talk and gossip? Nope. Not allowed here. We were and still are asked, “What personal development book are you reading” and “What program are you doing next?” Just to keep us all on the right pat. We all have backgrounds, we all have stories, and fitness and nutrition quickly became a way for us to cope with life in a HEALTHY way. Plus having visible abs doesn’t hurt either. 😉

I never looked at this as a “Get rich quick business”, remember, I was in it at first for the discount. With nutrient dense shake, each completed workout, and each completed commitment to myself, I knew this was how my confidence was going to grow and bleed into all other areas of my life and I wanted to share that with more people.

So I started my own little Healthy Humble Hustler team, because that’s what and who we strive to be every single day. Healthy Humble Hustlers.

Today I realized that this was the first time ever that I had a team, a business, and a passion OF MY OWN. I’m contributing to my household with Dave, and we are STABLE.

What started as me just losing 20 pounds, quickly turned into me losing my negativity, judgements of others, and insecurities. I gained a few hundred new like-minded friends I get to call teammates, vacationed with them, found my confidence, and grew the most positive hippy “good in and good out” attitude ever.

If you have been searching for something like I was, whether it was to lose weight, or start something of your own, shoot me a message and let’s chat. And love to see if this is something that would work for you as well.