Let Your Light Shine

brave strong broken
Figuring out who you are and what really makes you tick sounds exciting until you realize what you have to go through. What’s REALLY exciting, is the end result – to fully be you and live your life as such. Sounds freeing, right? It’s terrifying.
My reality certainly looks more different than yours, so as my first post I really hope to set the standard that this blog and this journey is mine. You cannot compare my life to yours and vice versa. The goal of this site is to empower you in this digital day and age where you are being constantly told and shown what to do, how to look, and what success looks like. But what they don’t mention is that everyone’s story is different. Everyone has their own version of Utopia.
And what I’m realizing is that in order to get to YOUR Utopia, you have to go through a hell of a lot of mental breakthroughs and challenges. Oftentimes breaking you apart to deal with issues from the past you had NO idea you were battling and holding onto subconsciously bringing that negative effect into your everyday life.
This is my story as I dive deeper into who I am, heal from past experiences and begin creating and living the life I’m meant to live in if I only just get my head out of my ass and start believing in me – you know, doing more of things I love everyday.
This is my story on how I’m doing just that. The health journey, the challenges experienced, the research on certain products and topics… basically a brain dump so my husband can find his own peace instead of having to hear every detail that goes on in this pretty little brain of mine while he’s trying to walk in the door to decompress from his workday (there’s another story in what he’s gone through to get to where he is! It’s
one of my favorites). By you reading this, you are opting in and making that choice. 🙂
This website will be FULL of fun topics, reviews on products, different types of wellness services, our journey to a family of 3, buying a business, etc.
So thank you. Thank you for following along on my journey as I allow those broken pieces of my past to evolve me into my best self. And thank you for sharing any post that inspires you. You never know who else might need to read something positive and motivational as well.
**And one last request, any spelling or grammatical errors that you private email to me, I will send you a prize! No need to bash publicly or mock silently, we are better than that and I’m no English major. :)**



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  1. Christina Goree says:

    I love your heart Jessi. By being so transparent in your writing about the desires of your heart, I feel very connected in this whole human experience thing and your words offer inspiration and healing on my own journey!


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