(re)Introduction to Health

Time to Invest In Your Health

Week long introduction to set yourself up for success

Have you found yourself scrolling social media comparing your life (and/or body) to others? Subconsciously we all fall into that trap from time to time. But what it does is it allows you to evaluate your lifestyle and decide to make a change to be better.

Because why not you? If they can do it – so can you. That other person may have just found what works best for them.

Setting a goal to get healthier and more fit is easy to do. But what’s the next step? Do you have to stop eating carbs? Work out everyday for the rest of your life? Go on a plant based fad diet when your family loves their pizza nights? Everyone’s goals are different and everyone’s lifestyles are different. And then what do we naturally do? Pinterest? Searching high and low for recipes? Swearing off alcohol, coffee, and sodas and swapping it for water? Ditch carbs for kale? For some, that may be an easy change to do. For others, that ay last 7 days, 3 weeks, a month.

But what if you found the right program and nutrition plan that works for your lifestyle and helps you reach what goal you may have (lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, lower lab levels, etc.)? Something that you can stick to (or go back to) for life? A system that focuses on real food, allows treats, helps you navigate through emotional eating, vacations, and holidays?

In my 5 years of coaching, I’ve seen so many people fired up and ready to start and then the light switch just turns off because they didn’t properly set themselves up. I then figured out that those who took the time to fully understand the different programs were ready to make a change, and made the long lasting habit changes over time setting realistic goals that completely transformed their lives. So I am taking that approach to a new style of prep group. A (re) introduction to your health.

Whether you are just starting out, somewhat familiar, wanting to take your health to the next level, or are just sick of the yo-yo diet culture and ready to re-commit: this group is for you.

There are 3 different routes to take and all include a free week in our accountability group, access to me as your coach to answer any and all questions, motivate you when you are feeling down, and praise you when you want to celebrate with someone off of social media for choosing a chicken salad over chicken parmesan pasta. The different levels to join are:

  1. Just window shopping (FREE): A basic sample meal plan and access to a few sample workouts
  2. A full preview ($25): 2 packets of Shakeology, 2 Energize sticks, 2 different sample meal plans from our tried and true nutrition plans, access to over 1600 different workouts to try from home for 14 days
  3. All in ($140) : A full month supply of Shakeology (and/or the performance line), a year long subscription to stream over 1600 different workouts, the full nutrition plan for 2 different styles of eating, over 65 different educational videos on nutrition, sugar addiction, emotional eating, nutrition and recipes for kid’s development, prenatal, postpartum, breastfeeding, reading labels, and basically cut the BS of fad dieting and give you a baseline to stick with or go back to. With a 30 day money back guarantee.

Fill out this form if you want to join my next week long group starting Monday, September 7th. Deadline to join this week long introductory group is August 31st.

I can’t wait to work with you and watch you transform your life.

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

John C. Maxwell