“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.”

I never fully grasped that saying, “Your Why Should Make You Cry” and thought it was so lame and cute all at the same time. I was just a girl trying to stay madly in love, bring a child into this crazy world and climb the corporate ladder. Mediocrity was and is not my thing. Funny, having a boss isn’t either… am I right?

It wasn’t until I ACTUALLY sat and wrote about what I want so much out of my life. Where I wanted to live, what my marriage looked like, family, children, vacations…. every. last. detail… and then I thought about what I’m currently doing to get there. At the time, the complete opposite.

I wanted to feel confident and sexy in my own skin, yet I was eating out, barely touching a veggie, and then going on extreme diets and workout bursts for awhile and then like a yo-yo, go right back to gaining everything back and then some, hiding behind my clothes and picking apart photos of me with quick thoughts of “I wish this or that”.

I wanted to travel without limits and live my best life. Yet I was sitting at my cubicle meticulously counting how many hours of personal time I had to hop on a plane and skip out of town while saving up my vacation time so I could get paid out when/if I ever believed in myself enough to follow a dream career in my head.

I wanted my marriage to be full of passion. Yet we were burdened with debt, living paycheck to paycheck, making excuses as to why we couldn’t go out, stressing over a loss of a job, a husband in doctorate school, and on top of that more debt.

You get the story…

And here is my current story on how crawled my way out of that and found my way onto this magical journey of making those once dreams, a reality.

Thanks for following along!