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  • You see other’s success on social media and wish you could see some success yourself.
  • You want to be in better shape but don’t know how or where to start and lack the drive, motivation, and accountability.
  • You are sick of doing the same ole thing at the gym (including waking up or going after work to the gym, finding a parking spot, a locker, and then do the same workout and wait for the same machines)
  • You head straight home after work to your couch and want more energy to get things done or hang out with your family.
  • You make excuse after excuse for why you haven’t reached your goals,


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Keep reading if you want the “wordy” post from me. 🙂

You have probably seen me talk about my accountability groups and are thinking “But what do you actually do and will it work for me?” And you are probably reading this because you’re too nervous to ask me, because deep down, you know you really want to join, you’re just too scared. 😉

Well quit that negative thought process out because the work works… if you actually work.

Here is the quick run down in 5 easy peasy points:

1. The products are PROVEN TO WORK.

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have gone through the same programs, nutritional plans, and accountability group and have seen AMAZING results. I myself lost 20 pounds. And according to, you know, science to lose weight you need to follow a balanced diet and do a moderate workout for 50 minutes a day 5 days a week (or a high intensity workout for 20-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week)… and guess what the workouts are like?!? DUH! The longer workouts are less intense than the shorter workouts. It’s science. haha

Those fancy before/after pictures you see from the programs. Real results from real people from all walks of life.
2. Plans to set you up for success

I remember going to the gym and doing the SAME thing every time. 20 minutes of cardio and then focus on the areas that it was the day for (arms, legs, and abs). I would leave with a good sweat, but I was stuck because of muscle memory. I didn’t have the time or the money to spend on a personal trainer each time at the gym. By working out from home, I save time and money not driving to the gym, checking in, waiting for a machine, etc. Eating healthy was probably 90% of my battle. Eating healthy to me meant grilled chicken, vegetables, green juice, and salads. All the salads. When you are a downhome kind of girl who was raised on fried chicken, that failure rate for me sky rocketed. I learned how much of my favorite foods I was able to eat, healthier alternatives of my favorite dishes (including fried chicken and spaghetti), and I was able to ask my FREE coach for help as I learned all of this. Again, time saved instead of me searching the internet high and low and watching countless YouTube videos. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
3. A Community of like minded people striving towards the same goal

If this is something that you are interested in, you want to live a healthier lifestyle and are in the market to make a change. Guess who else is fighting that fight with you? Myself and others in our private accountability group. Odds are, if you see everyone else eating healthy or working out, you are going to watch that because that’s what YOU committed to and signed up for. No one wants to be the guy that’s left out for not doing anything, am I right? You can do it and struggle through it alone where no one holds you accountable, or you can do it in a group with others and push one another to succeed.
4. It’s cheaper and budget friendly

Let’s focus on the value. You get workout programs from celebrity trainers that you can do ANYWHERE, a full and custom meal plan from a registered dietician and nutritionist, over 7000 workouts to choose from that’s best for your goals, a free coach to check in personally every week to make sure you’re on pace for your goals, daily accountability to keep you going, a daily nutrient dense shake that can double as a meal replacement if your goals align. Plus… you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you HATED it, which I’ve never had anyone hate it that they returned it… soo… that’s impressive. 🙂
5. Community, Discounts, & Opportunity

Once you complete your first month, you are welcomed into my team to receive a 25% discount on the products. Even more, if you wanted to, you can also pay this gift of health forward to others, because you’ll see why and how these programs have been around for over 15 years. If people didn’t get results, wouldn’t the company fold by now? Guess what… it’s only growing, so why not try it out? No sales requirements, initial investment (if you joined with a challenge pack).. just RESULTS and the gift of paying it forward.

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